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Avand started tinkering with mixes back in high school, when he diverted time away from his studies to make jazz remixes of hip-hop bangers—think Dave Brubeck layered on top of Notorious B.I.G. His mother was insistent on him learning classical piano, which he reluctantly practiced for hours every day for about a decade under the tutelage of a strict Russian instructor. This time may not have taught Avand to appreciate music but it certaintly did teach him to understand it.

Appreciation came later, in his late twenties, when Avand had the freedom to discover music that spoke to him directly. He began building his digital library, which is an ever-evolving collection of eclectic music from all over the world. But all tracks eventually lead back to house. Whether it’s lighting up the dance floor, setting the backdrop for the perfect party, or taking the listener on a journey, Avand’s sets are always a celebration of the human experience.

From Mexico City to San Francisco—from the underground club to the desert—Avand has a wide range of experience performing in different environments. His priority is to create a space where people can feel safe and connect with the music so they can, in turn, connect more deeply with themselves and one another. Avand believes that music is the highest form of communication and that it has the power to heal and transform. In Farsi, ”avand” means the vascular system of a tree that delivers nutriets to its leaves, and that is the purpose he embodies when he gets behind the decks.

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